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Nichole Greene is an international best-selling contemporary romance author with books that range from enemies to lovers, forbidden, age gap, and dark romance subgenres. She began publishing in 2020 and cannot envision stopping sharing her stories. 


When Nichole isn't busy raising her four kids she can be found in a coffee shop writing the stories that keep her up at night. She's addicted to tea, dark chocolate, maps, and losing herself to literary worlds. She loves an alpha-hole hero and feisty heroine.


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Cold and Broken.jpg

“No one touches the new girl. No one befriends her. Otherwise they risk the wrath of the Titans.”Moving her senior year of high school was not Lilith’s idea of a great plan. She would have much rather stayed with her best friend Zion for their final year of school. Her dad had different plans though; this new job was too good to pass up, and she knew she needed to go with him. Being thrown into a school of snobby rich kids, where she would even have to wear a uniform, seemed like an even worse idea. The icing on the cake, though, is Connor Volkov. He wants her gone and thinks siccing his friends Griffin, Levi, and Margaux on her will scare her off. But, if he wants her out of his life so badly, why does he keep butting into hers?When he first saw Lilith, Connor realized two things: one, he wanted her, and two, he wanted her gone. Making her life at school hell should be enough to make her and her dad get out of his house. The more time he spends with her though, the more his desire for Lilith and her company grows. Realizing he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore, Connor has to convince Lilith he’s worth taking a chance on. But, can he show her he’s a lot more than cold comments and hot, stolen kisses? Recommended for readers 18+ due to bullying elements, triggers, and sexual content.


Savage Love-v4.jpg

Talon was raised in the depths of the Bratva, handling a spoiled college girl should be easy.

When I said I’d do anything to get my position back in the Bratva, I didn’t mean babysitting a pampered, rich girl with a penchant for deviating from the plan. Every plan. Every time. This girl is going to be the death of me. Or herself. Maybe we’ll go down in flames together.

Elle isn’t the prize. She’s the penance.

My first year of college should be amazing; freedom on a level I’ve never experienced. But one night of vengeance has led me to a prison sentence with a stern and sexy Russian mobster as my babysitter. He’s my ever-present shadow, and I vow to become his living nightmare. A car won’t be the only thing I set on fire.


Dark Devotions-v2.jpg

Once upon a time they were my best friends, my family, my soulmates. But this is no fairy tale and I have nothing left to lose.

Beaten, bruised, scarred, emotionally traumatized. Olivia finally found a way to escape her sadistic husband. Now broken and penniless, with nowhere else to turn, she seeks out the four men who always protected her when they were younger. But can they come together and help her heal from the damage wrought? She loved them all once, will she again after being held by the devil’s embrace?

Sawyer, Nolan, Lake, and Grant share more wealth and power between them than the majority of the civilized world. But when an old friend comes back into their lives, they find themselves sharing more than a substantial plan full of revenge for the man that tried to break her. Each with their own set of skills but none able to resist the woman that needs them most. Vowing to protect her, the lines are blurred into murky shades of gray as secrets unfold and five hearts are on the line.

Reader beware: this is a dark reverse harem with triggers (SA, domestic violence, death) none of which the heroine suffers at the hands of her four men or in great detail.


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